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Dayton Valley Airpark (A34)


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Welcome to the Dayton Valley Airpark (A34) official website. We are a community of aviation-focused residents who fly, build, and love aircraft. We are a privately-owned public use airport allowing you to drop in and visit our community.  With the idyllic weather here in Northwest Nevada, we can fly just about any day of the year. Our fleet of aircraft is diverse with a “squadron” of Stearmans, more than a dozen flying homebuilts with several projects underway, and the usual assortment of Cessnas, Cherokees, Cubs, and other certified aircraft.


Several residents make (or made) their living in the aviation world as airline, corporate, or charter pilots and as editors and writers of aviation media. We live by the airpark rule…if the hangar door is open, you are welcome to come in and talk airplanes. But, if you stay more than 10 minutes, you are expected to join in the work that is going on.


While a relatively small community (currently 40 lots), our airport is impressive and capable of handling most privately owned aircraft. The thoughtful development of the airpark ensures that taxiways are dedicated to aircraft with no conflict with motor vehicle traffic. No “through-the-fence” issues or taxiing on streets here. A dawn patrol around Lake Tahoe is only minutes away. And, like most airparks, we gather frequently to just enjoy each other’s company including potlucks, community movie nights, semi-monthly “hangar-flying” sessions. and weekly Taco Tuesday lunches at the local Mexican restaurant. Even family members who aren’t drawn to the aviation activities love these intimate and friendly gatherings that make our neighborhood a true community.

A huge plus to living in Dayton is the small town feel of our quiet community, yet we are close to the big city shopping of Carson City and Reno.  Virginia City and Lake Tahoe are also in very near proximity giving an assortment of entertainment and recreational opportunities.

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FLYING IN?  See a recent copy of the A/FD for our airport: 


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