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Lyon County Recorded Documents

There are several documents recorded on the Lyon County website related to our VFR airport (A34) and the airpark community historical to the development of Dayton Valley Airpark Estates that remain in effect today.  The Lyon County Recorders website is:


    (Not a link - copy and paste address to access website)

Once on website - enter document #, search, click on the document, click on view.

Recorded Documents:
Airport Layout Plan:      #652966.01 & 652966.02
Lindbergh:                        Final Map for Eldorado Airpark Estates Unit 1,  #129581
Doolittle :                          Final Map Dayton Valley Airpark Estates Unit 2,  #134315
Yeager:                               Official Plat of Airpark Estates Unit 3A,  #326922
Armstrong:                      Official Plat of Airpark Estates Unit 4A,  #326923; and
                                            PARCEL MAP for AirparkEstates,   
                                            being a division of Parcel B of sub #326923,  #542437

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