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A Bit of History:

Our airport was begun in 1986 as part of the El Dorado Lakes golf course and community, now Dayton Valley Golf Club.  Designed to the latest revision of FAA Advisory Circular AC 150/5300-13, "Airport Design" as a visual runway to Airport Reference Code B-II requirements (Aircraft Approach Category (B) of less than 121 knots;  Airplane Design Group (II) of tail height less than 30' and wingspan less than 79'), the first home and hangar was completed in 1991.  In 2013 the runway and taxiways, plus later in 2015 the tiedowns areas, transferred ownership from the developer to the Airpark Estates Homeowners Association.  With the East and West ends of the Airpark now developed (area above the runway on the picture above), there still exists 60+/- acres (approximately 97 single family lots) to be developed on the north side of our runway, along with 48+/- acres of Commercial/Industrial land (area below the runway on the above picture) , with potential runway access, between Lakes Blvd and the south side of our runway.

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